In the early 1990s I was chatting with Jim Coles about the fact that there was no outlet for inexperienced string players to get together to perform. He agreed and the Kingston Community Strings were born. At that time we called ourselves the TGIF strings because we practiced on Fridays. Bob Clark the co-founder was still teaching at the time and so we rehearsed in his class room at L.C.V.I. The group started small but has grown to quite a size over the last 25 years. Our repertoire has seen us play baroque to 20th century pieces and have sometimes been very challenging. Despite the challenges however the concentration of the group has been on the enjoyment of playing string music with other people of like mind in a non stressful atmosphere.
Our concert venues have been many and always for fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations. Since our beginning we have been under the umbrella of the Kingston Symphony Association.